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Roger Sutton talks to GOD TV

Roger Sutton shares his story of how God disrupted his life and Movement Day UK began

Movement Day UK and Gather Director Roger Sutton speaks about how God called him out of Baptist Church ministry into the unknown, leading him and his wife Lesley on to creating the Gather Network and starting Movement Day UK.

GOD TV's Regional Update program tells the amazing stories of what God is doing across the UK. Here Roger talks about serving in Manchester at Altrincham Baptist Church. Seeing the City and the Church transform and thrive. Then stepping out on a journey of faith when they left the church and were called by the Evangelical Alliance to investigate a new move of God that was happening in the nation, where churches were praying and serving together in unity to bless their towns and cities.

Working with Gather has led he and his wife Lesley to begin Movement Day UK. Roger talks about what they are doing and why Movement Day UK is important for every christian.

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