What is the background to this movement?

Over 6 years ago GATHER was formed in the UK to support and network over 125 cities and towns where movements for unity and transformation were active. In some cities and boroughs such as York, Chester, Southampton, Hackney and Croydon they have been working together for over 18 years, with other places having just begun to understand that God sees one church across a city with many different expressions.

Each unity movement is unique to it's local context but they all share the same dream,

“What could our city or town look like in 30 years time if the Church worked together as one body to see it transformed?”

This move of the Holy Spirit is not just confined to the UK context but is being found across the world in many cities from all the continents. Movement Day began 5 years ago as a yearly conference based in New York that has become a meeting place for many of these movements around the world.

Last October, 2016, a unique 3 day Global Movement Day was held in New York. 3,000 people from 95 nations came together from around the world to pray and plan for the transformation of our cities and towns. Over 300 people from across the UK and Europe attended and were inspired to come back and have a similar conversation.

 What's the link to the New York Movement Day?

Movement Day UK is inspired and encouraged by the vision to see Movement Day conversations in many cities and nations across the globe. Already there are Movement Days being planned in Australia, South Africa, Haiti, Germany and across cities such as Hong Kong, Jakarta, Mumbai, Oslo, Miami and Seattle. We are deeply thankful to Mac Pier and the New York City Leadership Centre who carry this vision and cheer us on. However this is a movement and not an organisation so each city or nation will be responsible for it's own resourcing and organisation. This is an indigenous expression of a global move of God.