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Bristol City of Hope

Bristol’s Churches came together with Civic, Business and Charity leaders to seek a vision for the city

Taking inspiration from Bristol’s first Poet Laureate, Miles Chambers who wrote “Bristol, Bristol The place of dreams, the place os possibilities, the place of creative aspiration, culture, commerce and its own seductive music” a gathering on the 5th May 2018 titled “Building Bristol as a City of Hope - Working together to transform the city for good” took place in City Hall.

The gathering included panel discussions and presentations which established some of the biggest needs of the city and also showed a clear picture of some of the resources and existing initiatives from each sector.

The event provided and opportunity for round table discussion across 20 tables of people from all sectors of the city to address the following questions:

  • How can different sectors - business, public, charity, faith - work together more effectively for the benefit of the city?
  • What do we need to differently or better build an increasing sense of hope across all parts of the city?

Four key themes emerged from these discussions along with some suggested action points:

  1. Connection - the discussions highlighted a need for increased connectivity and closer relationships between and across all sectors. These relationships should be based on a shared cultural values system.
  2. Access to information - The talks earlier in the event emphasised the importance for us all to know what the needs are and what’s already available. Are there untapped resources that could be utilised to meet the needs of Bristol?
  3. Action - There was a sense that not only should we talk about what could be done but we must act too.
  4. Diversity - There was a sense that the ‘City of Hope’ movement should be making use of the knowledge and skills of a diverse audience, raising equality and access for all.


“Meeting at City Hall felt like a hugely significant event. Networking was easy - in fact I could have stayed there all day, just talking with people - and the fact that you had business leaders, councillors and church/charity sector coming together like that felt hugely significant.” Philip Jinadu, Woodlands Metro Church

“We hope this is the start of something much bigger. We all have a responsibility to combine our diverse energies, skills and talents to do something really special in Bristol.” Marvin Rees and Andy Street