6-7 October 2017 – Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London


Alan Platt


Transformational Church

Alan Platt is leader of Doxa Deo Church in Pretoria South Africa, a 30,000 strong city transformation church. He also leads City Changers, inspiring city leaders around the world.

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Alan says, "We have seen some amazing initiatives for unity and kingdom engagement in various cities across the globe. However, many of them are driven by parachurch organizations and the church has not come to engage as I believe it could. My contribution – as someone who has seen God facilitate unity and city transformation through the local church – would be to stir up pastors and leaders of local churches with a challenge to become more relevant to their communities at this very important time in world history. We will be sharing a strategy that would not result in the establishment of yet another program in the church, but rather stimulate a culture that releases the people of the church to be transformational agents in their communities!"